Leo man traits if you are interested in getting to know him better

This is a short letter of encouragement to all those of you who feel that you are stuck with the man. You may be a Virgo hothead and have always clashed with his laid back attitudes to life. You must remember that he still has a lot more nerve than you. He is cool, calm and collected and you should be grateful that he is sometimes your silent partner, in good times and in bad times. When he is quiet, he may be deep in thought and not necessarily avoiding an important or troublesome issue.

You see, he could be needing more time before he makes a final decision. He believes that it has got to be the right decision. It should be that simple. Only, if only it were. Those of you who are garrulous Sagittarians should let up a little and talk on. Do not be insecure in your need to talk. Talk about important things, things that matter. Do talk about love. Who knows, this may yet attract his attention and a calm but suave response.

Leo man traits

This is one of the most surprising Leo man traits for most women who find that they are stuck with a Leo man. If that they are that determined to stay with the man, make advances on him that will get him to respond in kind. You see, he loves wild, passionate and romantic, well, you know what that is. You already know that he is a born leader, so why don’t you faun him a bit and see if he takes the lead in bed. 

But be prepared. He still seems to love himself more. He can have quite an ego about him.

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